AeroBud Documentation

Welcome to AeroBud Documentation

We’re bringing pets onchain and donating to animal shelters weekly with the help of our community. Aerobud is inspired by Sage, a rescue dog. It was created through the meme narrative to bring greater awareness to the current situation of animal shelters. Our goal is to build a community that can share their love for pets on the Base ecosystem and provide donations to support animal shelters. As a community-driven token, the team is committed to being transparent by publicly sharing all its transactions on its socials.

Contract: 0xFad8CB754230dbFd249Db0E8ECCb5142DD675a0d


  • 93% Uniswap V2 Liquidity with Renounced (Burned) Contract
  • 5% Team AeroBud
  • 1% Marketing
  • 1% Charity

Event Schedule

AeroBud contributes to non-profits and hosts community events on a weekly cadence

  • Week 1: Meme Competitions
  • Week 2: Non-profit Contribution - North Shore Animal League America
  • Week 3: Community Animal Shelter Event
  • Week 4: Non-profit Contribution - Four Paws


  • CMC Listing
  • Coinbase Smart Wallet Integration
  • Non-profit Partnerships
  • Aerodrome Whitelisting
  • Launch Merch Store to Support our Philanthropy
  • Launch NFTs to Support our Philanthropy
  • Attend Crypto & Non-profit Events
  • Regular Social Media Posts


Our Pledge

Bi-weekly contributions will be given to a non-profit organization helping pets. All donations will be directly provided to charitable organizations, and the corresponding transactions will be publically documented on our socials. AeroBud will be slowly sold at the team's discretion to fund donations. These sales require 3/5 stakeholder approval. All transactions concerning our philanthropic efforts will be made from the following Ethereum Base wallet:

Charity Wallet: 0x4798610A322f41E5810177C973894eb516b91d84

Donation History

  1. Plano Animal Shelter — $2500

  2. Waggle Organization — $1607

  3. Upcoming - Mobile Adoption Event with North Shore Animal League America - $1000

Partners and Collaborations


We will be providing monthly donations to Four Paws that will help provide medical services to Dogs and Cats in Asia and Europe. FOUR PAWS is committed to the humane treatment of stray dogs and cats and better keeping conditions for companion and farm animals. FOUR PAWS Boston-based office is registered U.S. 501 (c) 3 organization in good standing in Massachusetts. The organization and has attained a Gold Transparency seal from Candid and has earned a Top-Rated Award through Great Nonprofits for the past 5 years through its educational outreach, advocacy, programmatic support, and animal transports.

North Shore Animal League America

We will be holding mobile Adoption events with North Share Animal League America. North Shore Animal League America is the largest no-kill rescue organization in the world. They are pioneer of the no-kill movement, North Shore Animal League America continues to lead the way with the development of national and international programs that increase adoptions and raise awareness about the plight of homeless animals. Since 1944, more than 1.1 million animal lives have been saved.


We will be providing donations to Waggle to help cover essential veterinary treatment for owners who can't afford it. Waggle is the trusted safety net that individuals and organizations turn to when they lack the funds to cover essential veterinary treatment for a sick or injured pet. Money should never stand between pets and their right to critical care. Waggle is the first and only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform devoted to raising funds for pets in medical crisis and giving those at the front lines of economic euthanasia decisions a safety net.


The team has allocated 1% of token distribution towards marketing efforts. These tokens are purely used for airdrops, and community events to drive engagement and participation in our community. All transactions are made on our socials and publicly tracked through the wallet below:

Marketing Wallet: 0x18fFa8523eEc05fD8B7b2887033700ca4320D1f1

Community Shelter Events

Every month we hold an event where we ask our community to help their local animal shelters with food, toys, or any supplies that they need. Participants are rewarded with $AEROBUD tokens. The details and instructions are outlined below, the event and timeline will be announced on our socials.

  1. Find a local shelter to support!
  2. Bring supplies to help the animals there (note: some shelters have wishlists on their website)
  3. Snap a photo with our poster, your donation, and the shelter
  4. Post your picture on Twitter while tagging @AeroBudCoin and #AeroBud

Meme Competitions

Every month we’ll be holding meme competitions. The top 3 winners will receive $AEROBUD. 5 Meme submissions are chosen by the organization and the community votes on the winner. The details and instructions are outlined below, the event and timeline will be announced on our social.

  1. Create a meme
  2. Follow us on Twitter: @AeroBudCoin
  3. Post your meme on Twitter while tagging @AeroBudCoin and #AeroBud